American Literature - CLEP Exam Worth 6 Credits

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Now for the Test
**An optional essay is included with this exam.  If you intend to take this portion of the exam, you may want to review your essay taking skills at this time.  Never written a 5 paragraph essay?  Here's a very simple, cheap little book by Teacher Created Materials titled "How to Write an Essay."  It was perfect for us and although it was written for grades 6-8 it was easily adaptable for our high school class, which had no serious essay writing practice.  
There is currently no REA guide available for this exam.  Therefore, we will use the Peterson website to take our practice exams.   Here you can work your way through three full-length, online practice tests for a total cost of 20.00.  Remember to review any incorrect answers thoroughly after each exam. 
**Additional online practice tests can be found here, for a small fee.
IMPORTANT - spend atleast two weeks taking the practice tests, one at a time, and reviewing all incorrect answers so that you know the material. 

Email me with any final questions you may have about the material or the exam and we'll find the answers together!

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