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This website was designed to make our study for the CLEP Biology exam as easy as possible.  It will also enable the sharing of our lesson plans with other homeschooling parents who are interested in having their teens earn college credits through CLEP.  (See donation button at the bottom - thanks!)
IMPORTANT - When finished, please keep your completed dissection lab reports with your other permanent school records.  A few colleges have been known to request proof that lab work was accomplished in addition to the passing of the CLEP exam.  This should be available for the admissions office if requested. 

This webpage provides a place to check for weekly assignments and reminders. 
We also offer a message board for students to get help from one another by posting questions and answers from the weekly material from class.  Be sure to get parental permission before joining the "CLEP Prep board."  Thanks! 

MEETING DATE: (pertains to locally held classes ONLY - not Web users)

Remember to check back weekly for updates! :)  Email Mrs. McQ with any questions you may have about the weekly assignments or the material and we'll find the answers together! 

WHAT'S NEEDED FOR THE CLASS:- Click on titles to purchase
- Bar Charts "Biology"
-Standard Deviants School "The Dissected World of Biology" videos - consider using these videos (4 in the entire series) if teaching this subject in a group setting.  However, they are more expensive.
-Standard Deviants "Biology" Video - use this video for individual test prep

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