Will my college accept Clep or other testing credits??
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Here is some information that might help parents of homeschoolers taking community classes OR CLEP credits.  Often community schools will have a limit of credits they will take from testing sources OR from other community schools.  To bypass this, Thomas Edison State College, which has program agreements with many schools, offers "credit banking." 
What is "Credit Banking?"
Basically, you are transferring in your testing credits OR your community credits and then Thomas Edison gives you a Thomas Edison State College transcript for those previously earned credits.  You do NOT need to be an enrolled student to use this service and the fees are VERY reasonable.  (see below)  
Banking Credits with Thomas Edison
Consolidate college level work documented elsewhere into an official Thomas Edison state college transcript.  The fee allows the student transcription services for one year.  It is the students responsibility to make sure the receiving institution will accept the transfer of the credits. The College offers "Credit Banking" for non-students; that is, those not enrolled in a Thomas Edison State College degree program. The fee is good for one year.
How can this help you??
Many times colleges will not allow you to test out of a certain class but WILL accept the transferring of those credits from another school, especially a 4 year program.  Credit banking may help avoid that situation, as you are transferring in credits transcripted by TE.  Schools that have program agreements with Thomas Edison may be the most likely to make exceptions to their regular policies when considering the acceptance of transcripted credits.  Check with the school as nothing is a given.  The best thing to do is to simply call your school and ask if they will accept add'l testing credits if they are transcripted with TE - some will, some won't. 
Note:  Thomas Edison State College will transcript your credit (CR) without a letter grade.  If GPA is of concern for you, this may not be an option.  The source of the credits is still shown on the transcript (Dantes, CLEP, community school, etc).
Which credits are eligible for "banking?"
Thomas Edison State College will accept CLEP/Dantes/ACE credits or other earned college credits for placement (banking) on a college transcript through its Credit Banking service. To access this service, complete the Nondegree Services Application or call the Office of Admissions toll free at (888) 442-8372 for more information and/or to request a copy of the application.
Nondegree Services      
Credit Banking 1-60 credits $438
Credit Banking 61 + $655