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I want to say THANK YOU.  After reviewing your site and receiving personal encouragement from you, I have put together a study group for my son and daughter that will begin meeting at our home to prepare for the Intro to Computers CLEP.

Without your guidance and personal "you can do it!" encouragement, I don't know that our family (and 6 others!) would be blessed.  One mom who never finished her degree will even be joining us.

Thank you for your ministry,
C. Frame
From NJ
Just wanted to tell you that two weeks ago my daughter took the Freshman English Comp CLEP, passed and is so excited.  We have to decide which one she wants to do next.  Thank you so much for all the work you do on that site and how much you help others!!! 
I had my son practice the tests in the book more and we put off the test two weeks (as recommended in an email).  He ended up passing the Intro to Psych so he was happy. Thanks for your online format, it really helped!
                                 D. Lucas
From Missouri
Dear Mrs Q.,
I have a 13 year old and I've already started planning for High School.  He doesn't like book learning and would rather do anything but sit.  He knows he wants to go to college on-line but to do what, we don't know.  My objective is just to expose him to the world (with a Christian support system) so he can maybe get an idea about his future.  Anyway, I want to thank you for your website.  Even though I won't take advantage of it for a couple of years yet, I have hope for him (and for me as his mom/teacher).  I am thrilled there can be a plan for him to have to pain through these subjects only once!  I believe God is hearing my silent prayers and has responded.
I hope you can keep it going for the future, then as I use it I will be able to donate.
Again, thank you!
From a coop leader
Dear Mrs. Q.,
First of all, I would like to express my gratitude for sharing your hard work and knowledge with the rest of us moms who are trying to make sense out of the overwhelming choices out there for our future college students.  The Lord knows your resources and website has been a blessing and an answer to prayer.
L. Hunton
From Hawaii
Thanks so much for sharing this information!
This has been my focus this year and I cannot tell you how much I will appreciate this site.

I'll be sure to blog on it as well as spread the word!
From the WEB
I'm an area administrator for a private ISP. We have 1300 high
schoolers. Guess what I'm forwarding to our High School Director?! :o) Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

My daughter passed the College Algebra Clep!  Thanks for the encouragement we found on your website. MB

Thank you for sharing such valuable information.  You are helping a tremendous number of families prepare for their childrens' futures.  Debra Stephan - Florida

Our daughter took her first CLEP today, passed!! Thanks for your part. She used the lesson plans and found these to be helpful!! She will now prepare for the Human Dev. CLEP and hopes also to take the Am Lit CLEP.  

She plans to begin nursing school in May and they will accept a few CLEP exams.

Thanks again.
Mary G.
Hi all,
My daughter just recently passed the Humanities clep test for 6 credits. This was her third clep this year and they all have been successful. We used Tricia's lesson plans and they worked beautifully. My daughter really enjoyed the study. Thanks Tricia! :)
We took 3 of our sons, 17yo twins and 15yo, yesterday for the Western Civ I exam and they all 3 passed (scores of 68, 69, and 70). This was our first exam, and we can't wait to do more. Thank you,thank you, thank you, Tricia, for the website!
Passed!! My 16yo just past his first CLEP!  He said it was harder than the REA tests and wished he had done better.  He passed Western Civilization I by only one point – but he passed!  We’ve been waiting for this day for what seems like well over a year.  It has taken us quite a while as life intervened (more than once) along the way.  I’m not sure who was more nervous as we headed off to the college today.  He is very glad it is over but has a renewed sense of confidence and is now better equipped to progress further.  He is already talking about when he’ll be taking the next one.  We have two more planned in the short term – Biology and College Mathematics or College Algebra (still researching to see which one will benefit us the most).It is great to have a group to share in the excitement – Thanks Tricia for the group and your website!   Tracey in Texas
I just wanted to thank you for creating such thorough and effective lesson plans for CLEP preparation.  My 15-year-old son used your lesson plans to prepare for his first CLEP, American History 1, which he took today.  He passed easily with a 62!  We very much appreciate all the hard work you have invested, and we're looking forward to using your plans for many more tests.
I will be sending in a donation today.  Thank you again so much!
Mindy M.
We just returned from taking seven of our study group to take the DSST
Intro to Computers exam.  Five took the computer version of the exam
and all passed. Two are taking the paper version and have to wait for
their results.  For some this was their first exam, so they are now
pumped up and highly motivated.  For my 15 y.o. daughter this now makes
24 credits she has accumulated with CLEP/DSST exams. 
Thank you Tricia and all for your contributions to this group! 

Debbie S.