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News Letter & Automatic Updates have closed down their website but our ClepPrep loop members have had success in receiving their texts via mail.  This applies to the Psych, Sociology, Biology, and Natural Sciences notes. 
IMPORTANT: Do NOT use the mailing address on the forms but rather use the mailing address listed below, as they have recently moved.
You must follow their directions, towards the bottom of EACH link provided, for "ORDERING BY MAIL"  Again, the directions for ordering by mail are towards the bottom of each page.

Then, make a check payable to H.E.L.P.S. for EACH guide you want to purchase (price as listed on order form).
P.O. Box 1881, Arcadia, Florida 34265
*Another tip mentioned on our loop is that those who include an email address with their order have received a return email from David&Laurie that contains instructions on how to download each set of notes.