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When our eldest daughter was entering 7th grade we were blessed to attend a seminar by the Bruce Eagleson family on the topic of distance learning.  The seminar was held at the ENOCH convention and was "perfect timing" for us.  We were just beginning to formulate a vision for homeschooling through high school and had the typical questions about diplomas and college entrance.  We were also deeply concerned about the possible compromise of our daughter's "world view" by taking college classes, especially those under the social sciences umbrella, at such a young age.
The knowledge we share here is an accumulation of information passed onto us by others who have paved the way, and we are truly grateful for their pioneer spirit.  We thank them for their willingness to share their wisdom with us. 
We wanted to take a brief minute to give all the glory to God for always making our paths straight during our homeschool journey.  CLEP/CBE is just one more example of how God has shown us the "way to go" each step of the way.  We hope you too are blessed by the information we are sharing on this website. 

Our eldest daughter (age 27), earned her BA in Communications through Thomas Edison State University and for four years has been working as a writer for the local Press.  She used a combination of CLEP, online, and brick and mortar classes to earn her degree, taking her "core" communications courses at our local state college.  Previously, she "tested out" of her entire AA degree, earning ALL her credits through CLEP and Dantes exams.  Our second daughter (age 24) earned her AA through Thomas Edison State University and a Graphic Design degree through Sessions College.  She is now married and works for an international jewelry company as their graphic designer/web designer.  Our third daughter (age 22) also earned an AA through Thomas Edison as well as a Graphic Design degree through Sessions College.  She runs a furniture refinishing company and also recently cut her first album as a musician.  Our 20 year old son earned his AA through Thomas Edison and has recently been accepted into the Organizational Leadership program at Texas A&M Commerce (BAS degree).  Lastly, our 16 year old son is on track to have his AA through TESU by the time he graduates high school, using a combination of brick and mortar/CBE ACE sources, and he plays local high school basketball when not studying.  His plan is to earn a BS in Business.  We continue to regularly access our own lesson plans and website files for our success!  Because of our CLEP/CBE journey, ALL of our children earned their college degrees without accumulating ANY college debt, to the amazement of their peers. 
After learning all I could about CLEP/CBE for my children, I decided to use the same knowledge for my own benefit.  Working with Thomas Edison State university, I graduated there myself, using some of my own lesson plans to earn my degree! 
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our family using the buttons provided on the pages.  We hope our experience is an encouragement to you on your own journey.
Many blessings,
Tricia McQ and family

Contact Manna Recording to order ENOCH 2005 convention tapes by Woody Robertson on the topic of distance learning.  They will email you with the order form.  Woody works for Global