Typical College-Prep Program

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This is a sample of the combined credit totals for a typical four year highschool program:
Language arts                4
Mathematics                  3-4
Foreign language          2-4
World history                 1
American History           1
American Gov.              1
Science                         3-4
Physical Ed.                  2
Electives                       4-8
**1 credit in high school equals 120 hours of class work, or 160  45 minute periods (called a Carnegie credit).   An alternate acceptable method is to issue 1 credit if atleast 80% of the subjects main text is completed.
"Backing Up" your Transcript
Passing CLEP exams demonstrates to college admission officers that not only has your student mastered high school level work but they are ALREADY doing college level work.  This should be enough to demonstrate proficiency.
However, if you choose to submit an optional portfolio to "back up" your transcript, include the following:
- a narrative description of your yearly program, for each of the four years
- details of any work experiences & internships
-a sample of the students essay ability
- a student readers list for the high school years (classics, etc.)
- list of contests won OR honors achieved
- any other samples of student work that show proficiency