CLEP CLASS - Intro to Psychology

Week Seven Assignments
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Now for the Test

You will have only one more week of readings from the AP book.  Yeah!!  Try to complete all assignments by our next meeting.  I'm reminding you again that you do NOT need to memorize the material.  Just continue to absorb what you can.  Continue digging deeper by answering the questions.  And once again, continue regularly reviewing your laminated "exam notes" card as well.
**Take the second practice exam in the REA Intro to Psychology book this week, reviewing your incorrect answers**
**Additional online practice tests can be found here, for a small fee.
1) Read chapter 12 of the AP Psychology book.  Again, continue taking notes as you read, using an outline method, to help you to remember.  Keep up the hard work - you're doing great!
2) Continue making seven more vocabulary flash cards from the vocabulary list.    IMPORTANT - continue daily quizzing of the cards you have made so far.
3) Read pages 122-134 of the REA Super Review Psychology I book and answer the quiz questions at the end of the chapter.  We will review these at the next class.  We are wrapping  up the readings with next weeks final assignments.  Reminder: Don't obsess about note taking in the REA, as most of this is review from the other readings.  Take notes on things that are new or difficult for you in the reading.
4) Read chapters 13 & 14 in the REA Intro to Psychology prep book.
At our next meeting we will:
-review all flashcards and complete any missing definitions
-review the questions from the previous weeks assignments
-will answer your own questions
-will view more of the video tape

Email me with any final questions you may have about the material or the exam and we'll find the answers together!

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