Ethics In America - 3 Credit Dantes Exam Copy

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Now for the Test

Complete this by our next meeting.  I'm reminding you again that you do NOT need to memorize the material.  Just continue to absorb what you can.  Continue digging deeper by completing all the assignments.   
1) Read chapters 16 - 18 of the "Being Good" book & the "Idiot's Guide to Understanding Ethics."  Take notes on things that are difficult or new to you.  Keep plugging along!
2)  Read essays 16 - 18 of the "Ethics Handbook" by Abbott. 
3)  View the online ethics video at titled "Under Orders, Under Fire." 
At our next meeting we will: 
-review the previous weeks assignments 
-will answer your own questions
-will review the video
Email me with any final questions you may have about the material or the exam and we'll find the answers together!