Why Heritage Night?

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Heritage Night

The inspiration for Heritage Night comes from the heartfelt desires of mothers to have an opportunity to form special bonds with their maturing daughters.   Heritage Night creates an opportunity to nuture, love and encourage one another, to gain in wisdom and knowledge by sharing tools for womanhood. 
The list of skill topics that can be discovered and shared on Heritage Night is endless - bread making, canning, herbs, gardening, soap making, candle making, recipes for home cleaners, cooking skills, etc, etc.
The list of spiritual discoveries is also endless and will focus on furthering our development as women of God.   We will be loosely applying the womanly attributes presented in the "Polished Cornerstones" book (book NOT needed).  We will encourage each other in our quest to become;  reliable, honest, loyal, loving, submissive, peacemaking, humble, pure, patient, devoted, diligent, skillful, thrifty, effective time managers, wise, nutritionally minded, organized, goal oriented, growers of good things, financially sound, studious, memorizers of God's Word, prayerful....

Special note to young ladies
If your mother is unable to attend, please come on your own!!  We want to "love on you" at each Heritage Night event and strongly encourage you to come and enjoy this special time together with womanly friends, both young and old.

Because YOU are special