Reliable Woman Agenda
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Heritage Night

A Reliable Woman theme

**Attach files for this event**

Food and welcome moments

Creation of personalized binder cover (scrap booking supplies necessary) for new participants

Add side dish share cards to recipe pages & put into binders(participants each bring copies of their recipes with names on them)

Soap activity and Lip Balm activity (alternate groups of gals with scrapping projects/soap and lip balm projects.  Have manicure/pedicure time too)

Worship time

Opening prayer for God to meet the needs of each person present

Briefly Introduce theme - A Reliable Woman (teaching notes below)

Sharing time - open discussion w/moms and daughters sharing

Closing prayer & prayer requests - also invite individual prayer time - 2 moms to volunteer to be one on one

Hot tub time & 10 minute massages

Sugar scrub time

Homestead Blessings Video - soap

Because YOU are special