Biology CLEP Exam

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Print this list then contact
to order your lab supplies
Zoology Survey set number 2   #22-1230   12.95 each or $11.75 for 10 or more
(OR, if you are teaching the lab series in a learning cooperative, you can order the Animal Survey Set for 10 students #22-1262  Same as above but at a discounted rate for groups  $106.15 This ends up at about 10.62 a set, so it's a little cheaper than the individual zoology survet set)
Fetal Pig 5-7"    #22-8490  $7.55 each OR $6.70 for 10 or more
Comparative Sheep Organ Dissection Kit #22-7970  $17.35 ea
Student dissecting set 1  #62-1096  $8.75ea OR $8.15 for 12 or more
**Also, when ordering with you will need to provide your official homeschool academy name, as they are unable to sell to individuals - NO P.O. Boxes allowed.