Here's to Your Health - Dantes Exam 3 credits

Week One Assignments

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Week One Assignments
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Now for the Test

Here are your first assignments.  You do NOT need to memorize the material.  Just take in what you can.  Next week we will discuss the material at class.

1 - Read chapters 1 and 2 of the Core Concepts book.  Take notes if you like, as this will help you to remember.  Do not worry if you do not understand it all.  Remember, this is college material and we have plenty of time.
2 - Complete the "Take Action" and "Journal Entry" assignments within the current chapter readings.  We will review these in class.
In addition, please complete the study guide worksheets for the assigned chapters, which are located in the back of the book in the orange tabbed pages.  Spend time reviewing any multiple choice questions you answered incorrectly for reinforcement. 
These assignments are designed to make you dig deeper so you can remember more.   We will review all assignments at the next class.
3 - Complete your vocabulary flashcards from the words in bold print from this week's assignments - see vocabulary link.  Your flashcards should be written with the word on the front and the definition on the back, so you can quiz yourself weekly.
4 - Review the Core Concepts Interactive CD for any areas in the chapter readings marked with the CD icon.  The CD contains quizzes, tutorials, and a pronunciation guide for the key terms. 
5 - View a portion of the Human Nutrition VHS.

Email me with any final questions you may have about the material or the exam and we'll find the answers together!


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