Art of the Western World - Dantes 3 Credit Exam

Week Nine Assignments

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Here are the final readings!  After this you are truly prepared.  
IMPORTANT - After completing this weeks assignments, you should take a week to further review ALL materials.  Use the "Fact Sheet" from Dantes for some sample test questions.  Then, it's off to the exam!
1 - Read chapter 17 of the Art of the Western World book.  Again, continue taking notes as you read.  You know the program!
2 - View the FREE online video titled "In Our Own Time."  
3 - Take another practice test from the "DSST Art of the Western World" guide.  Research all your incorrect answers, taking notes as needed. 
At our next meeting we will:
-review the questions from the previous weeks assignments
-will answer your own questions
-review the video

Email me with any final questions you may have about the material or the exam and we'll find the answers together!