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This website was designed to make our study for the CLEP "Analyzing and Interpreting Literature" exam as easy as possible.  It will also enable the sharing of our lesson plans with other homeschooling parents who are interested in having their teens earn college credits through CLEP.  (See donation button at the bottom - thanks!)
IMPORTANT - This exam has the reputation of being one of the easiest CLEP's to pass.  The REA review is VERY short - only 2 weeks!!  The Barron's EZ-101 guides are used for extra reinforcement as needed. 
An optional essay is included with this exam and is graded by the college, if required.  The essay is completed in a "bluebook" with pencil.  NOTE:  Thomas Edison State college grants full credit for this exam WITHOUT the essay!   

This webpage provides a place to check for weekly assignments and reminders. 
We also offer a message board for students to get help from one another by posting questions and answers from the weekly material from class.  Be sure to get parental permission before joining the "CLEP Prep board."  Thanks! 

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Remember to check back weekly for updates! :)  Email Mrs. McQ with any questions you may have about the weekly assignments or the material and we'll find the answers together! 

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