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Posting Guidelines
Here is a friendly reminder about posting guidelines for our members and the intended use of the Crossway calendar: 
ALL local activities,announcements and regular reminders that are shared on this loop are Crossway sponsored events that are posted by current members of Crossway.  ALL Crossway events are open to the local homeschool community.
In the past there have been times where Crossway event organizers needed to coordinate together as a team during unexpected events/sickness, which led to the cancellation or postponement of some Crossway advertised activities.  The spirit of cooperation in such cases has been a true blessing.  Therefore, if you would like to coordinate/post an activity on the Crossway loop you MUST be agreeable to any potential postponements/cancellation requests in such rare cases.  If this is NOT well with you then please do NOT post/coordinate your activity on Crossway.

There are many "sub" groups off of this Crossway county group.  For example, there are a few local coops, sports teams, a mock trial group, etc. that have members that are also part of this Crossway county support group.  One of the purposes of Crossway is to be a place to inform folks of opportunities!  Feel free to let us know of your groups existence or availability of member space, etc., by sending it through the loop annually.  You will see that most groups have done this once a year when their activities are starting up again after the summer break.  Curriculum sales can also be included for posting.  When sending an annoucement of this type be sure to include if the group is a Christian based group OR clarifiy if it is NOT, then we will approve the email so everyone will know that your group is "out there" and looking for members.  There is so much available in our local HS community and thanks to all of you for keeping us informed!   <hugs>
However, the Crossway group is NOT the place to send your groups regular communications about events/activities.  Each group needs to have their OWN communications for that purpose.  The local regular monthly activity reminders or field trips opportunities shared here are to be for those that are Crossway sponsored.  Thanks for your continued understanding. 
Another idea is that if you have your own yahoogroup, coop, or team that you want people to know about, consider putting a link to your group in your email signature.  This is more than acceptable and I get emails all the time from those who have checked out our Crossway site because of my signature links.  
Lastly, there are several homeschool sites that will list your groups contact information for free.  This is another great way to advertise for members.