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Getting Started

We regularly receive numerous inquiries from families that are just “getting started” on their homeschooling adventure.  So, we decided to dedicate a web page to the subject.

Homeschooling Styles
There are many varied approaches on how to educate a child.   There are also a wide range of reasons that parents choose to homeschool. Some of the most common homeschooling styles are reflected in the following terms: unschooling or child led education, child centered, unit study method, classical education, school-at-home, Charlotte Mason, Montessori, distance learning, eclectic, just to name a few. The challenge is in finding the best approach that works for you and your family. It may take a while to discover your perfect match.  You may have to try a mish-mash of ideas during your search.  If you are looking for input, try talking to some of our parents while attending an activity or post to our yahoogroups loop.  The experience of others can be a real blessing and a valuable resource.

To help you in your search for curriculum and methods, attend one of the many available homeschool conferences.  You can find a link to the Christian conference on the LINK page.  The format of most conferences includes a key note speaker, choice of several workshops on a variety of  homeschooling topics, and a vendor’s exhibit area where you can preview and purchase curriculum materials and teaching supplies.

State Organizations
Crossway Community Home Learners belongs to the Christian state organzation "ENOCH," but there are several other organizations as well.  At the ENOCH website you can find
information on legislation governing home education in New Jersey OR if you need to know how to go about removing your child from their current school try visiting the HSLDA web site. Both of these sites will offer lots of current material on a variety of homeschool topics, including a sample letter you can send to your current school principal.

Learning Cooperatives
There are several local learning cooperatives where parents partner together to form day schools.  In a homeschool coop parent teachers pool their talents one day each week and help teach the children as a group.  Parent participation is ACTIVE in the groups and a commitment is required.   Each group operates differently and has a different focus.  Information about the available groups and any available openings are posted on the yahoogroups email loop. 

Our group, Crossway Community Home Learners
, is open to all interested families regardless of religious beliefs or homeschooling style, however perspective members should know that this is a Christian group with a Christian emphasis.  Our focus is on sharing educational activities for our children and supporting one another through Christian love.  See the list of activities we offer by using the ACTIVITIES link. 

Socialization is a common concern for those beginning the homeschool lifestyle. You can view our ACTIVITIES page to view the opportunities available to our area home educators.  Homeschoolers balance out their childrens social needs through involvement in extra circular activities such as Scouts, sports, church activities and volunteer work.  Homeschooled children are well rounded through their exposure to a variety of social groups, which results in interaction with all different types of people in their communities.

These days, some complain that there is actually too many curriculum choices available to families who choose to homeschool.   Costs of these programs can vary.  Some families don’t use a formal curriculum but choose to use several different sources.  The library can be an excellent resource too!  Others opt for a pre-packaged curriculum.  It won't be long before you will get a balance between your educational goals and your child’s learning style.  Check out our many useful curriculum links on our LINKS