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About the Essay

Now that you know the basics of grammar and composition, you need to demonstrate that knowledge by writing TWO simple five paragraph essays.  This is the type of essay that will be required on the exam.   
On page 5 of the REA book there are three sample essay topics.  Spend 40 minutes on TWO of the sample topics of your choice, writing a simple five paragraph essay on each.  
Start your essay process by reading the topic.  Spend five minutes brainstorming on a seperate piece of paper, writing ALL that you know about that topic.  Spend another five minutes creating a quick outline from your brainstorm worksheet.  Your outline should be in the five paragraph form, meaning:
Paragraph 1 - Introduction
Paragraph 2 - first point
Paragraph 3 - 2nd point
Paragraph 4 - 3rd point
Paragraph 5 - Conclusion that ties it all together and leads back to the point of the introduction
Now that the preparation work is done, simply spend the remaining 30 minutes writing your thoughts in the essay format.  Relax and do the best you can, concentrating first on content and then going back to review grammar and punctuation. 
Spend no more than 40 minutes on each essay.

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