A Godly Woman - May

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Heritage Night

A Godly Woman - First month’s theme

**Attach pdf files for this event**

Appetizer share time and welcome moments

Creation of personalized binder cover (scrap booking supplies necessary)

Insert recipe appetizer cards into binder (participants each bring copies with names on them)

Add appetizer share cards to recipe pages & put in binders

Worship time

Opening prayer for God to meet the needs of each person present

Briefly Introduce theme - above

Proverbs 31 - volunteer readers

"When I’m a Mommy" by Ginger Fulton - pass book around & read a page each

Activity - rewrite Proverbs 31 in everyday language as a group

Sharing time - open discussion w/moms and daughters sharing

Suggested at home reading - "Beautiful Girlhood" by Karen Andreola

Laundry detergent recipe activity - Laundry page completion w/ homemade recipe, quick review of laundry directions

Homestead Blessings Video - soap

Closing prayer & prayer requests - also invite individual prayer time - 2 moms to volunteer to be one on one




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