A Reliable Woman

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Heritage Night


This month's "Heritage Night" event will once again be a special time of bonding.  Our theme will be "A Reliable Woman."  All the information for the event is below.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.  **Pay particular attention to the "What to bring" below - thanks!! 
View the new video invitation at the Heritage Night website - you'll see some familiar faces!!
"A Reliable Woman" 
The Lord wants to speak to each of us and each of us has something to share.  Spend time in expectant prayer as we wait in anticipation for this special night.
We encourage the young ladies attending to "dress up" for the event.  Dressy casual is fine if dressing up causes stress, just keep the focus on dressing so that you feel it's a "special night" for you.  The night is intended to include the feel of a little bit of "pampering." 
What to bring:
- 1 bottle of sparkling juice (they sell these in the juice aisle in fancy glass bottles - about $3.00)
- party size bag of individually wrapped candies to share
- Scissors for each person attending
- Your Heritage Night folder.  First time attending??  Bring a white 3 ring binder that has the clear plastic sleeve on the front cover - 2 inch size should be fine - and any clip art that you'd like to use to personalize your cover during the event
- prepare and bring an EASY "side dish" to share (nothing elaborate required - keep it simple)
- 20 printed photocopies of your "side dish" recipe on white INDEX CARD SIZE paper 4x6 (even if you need to break it down into 3 blocks of this size, it needs to be printed this way).  Would prefer that the copy be unlined, if at all possible.  This can be a time for you to bond with mom OR another friend who is attending Heritage Night, as you get together to quickly copy and print your recipes together.  **Remember to include your NAME on your recipe index card before making your photo copies.
-Clear page protectors for use with your 3 ring binder
-Activity fee of $
The "Heritage Night" website expounds in more detail about the VISION for Heritage Night.  I would strongly encourage you to quickly read through the pages and provide any desired feedback/questions.  There is also a direct link to the video invite, directions, and a link to RSVP for the event.   Also, if you missed any past Heritage Night events, ALL printables are on the website for your use!!  :)
Since we want to maintain some control over the number of attendees, we are sending out the invites here at the McQ homebase.  Therefore we are asking you not to forward this info.  However, if God brings someone to mind that you feel would benefit from "Heritage Night" PLEASE email us!!!  We will be happy to put their name on the list of invites, as we attempt to balance the amount of people we can accommodate.  There is certainly a ministry aspect to the evening and we want God to be glorified through these events.  We will do our level best to include all who are interested without compromising the goal of intimacy at the celebration.

We are truly looking forward to this special time of sharing and learning together!!  PLEASE pray for one another as we lead up to this evening of celebration.  Ask for the pouring out of the Holy Spirit onto each attendee and for each person to feel blessed, treasured, and loved. 
See you on !!  (RSVP by )
Mrs. McQ

Because YOU are special