Forming Your Learning Cooperative into a Non-Profit Private School for Home Educators

Programs Available to Non-Profits
Step 1 - First Steps, Tools & EIN Number
Step 2 - Creating Your Bylaws & Articles of Incorporation
Step 3 - Incorporating Your Group
Step 4 - Joining a Professional Education Association
Step 5 - Forms that Demonstrate Your Educational Purpose & Structure
Step 6 - Completing the Non-Profit Application
Step 7 - Obtaining State Corporate Income Tax Exemption
Step 8 - Applying for Sales Tax Exemption
Step 9 - Official Papers of the First Meeting of the Board
Step 10 - Optional Accreditation & Meeting State Requirements
Programs Available to Non-Profits
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Staples Recycle for Education
Boxtops for Education
Scrip programs
ACME OR SHOPRITE SCRIP - go to store for application
Charitable Shopping Programs
Non Profits can also use their donation form to request discounts or donations of goods/services.  Be sure to take your donation letter with you to the store, complete with appropriate corporation signature, so you can leave it with the business for their tax records.