Forming Your Learning Cooperative into a Non-Profit Private School for Home Educators

Step 6 - Completing the Non-Profit Application

Step 1 - First Steps, Tools & EIN Number
Step 2 - Creating Your Bylaws & Articles of Incorporation
Step 3 - Incorporating Your Group
Step 4 - Joining a Professional Education Association
Step 5 - Forms that Demonstrate Your Educational Purpose & Structure
Step 6 - Completing the Non-Profit Application
Step 7 - Obtaining State Corporate Income Tax Exemption
Step 8 - Applying for Sales Tax Exemption
Step 9 - Official Papers of the First Meeting of the Board
Step 10 - Optional Accreditation & Meeting State Requirements
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You are now ready to complete your 1023 501C3 application.  Using chapter 8 in the NOLO book, read it through one time, highlighting as you go.  This is not an easy form to complete, but since you have already created forms that demonstrate your educational structure, you have really done most of the work.  Now you will simply be explaining how your group functions and it's organizational purposes.  If you are having difficulty discerning what is being asked in any particular section of the application, feel free to contact me and I will try to share some ideas/suggestions.  Do not be afraid or intimidated by the application.  Remember, the IRS is simply making sure that you are operating as a charitable, educational based organization.  Demonstrating these purposes should be your focus as you complete the form. 
After completing the application, you are now ready to submit your paperwork.  Remember to include a copy of your stamped bylaws, articles, incorporation papers, sample forms, and any schedules you created.  Also, complete the 8718 User Fee form.  Date, sign and mail your application, along with your check to the IRS.  **KEEP A PHOTOCOPY OF YOUR SUBMITTED APPLICATION AND ALL SUBMITTED FORMS.**
Now the waiting game begins.  This process can take from six months to a year.  During that time your IRS reviewer will contact you with questions and you will need to answer them in a timely manner, or your request will be denied.  BE PATIENT!  You've come all this way and the benefits will far outweigh the work.