Forming Your Learning Cooperative into a Non-Profit Private School for Home Educators

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Step 1 - First Steps, Tools & EIN Number
Step 2 - Creating Your Bylaws & Articles of Incorporation
Step 3 - Incorporating Your Group
Step 4 - Joining a Professional Education Association
Step 5 - Forms that Demonstrate Your Educational Purpose & Structure
Step 6 - Completing the Non-Profit Application
Step 7 - Obtaining State Corporate Income Tax Exemption
Step 8 - Applying for Sales Tax Exemption
Step 9 - Official Papers of the First Meeting of the Board
Step 10 - Optional Accreditation & Meeting State Requirements
Programs Available to Non-Profits
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About me

Just in case you're wondering....

"Who is this person anyway?"
I am a mother of five and lucky wife to Brian.  Our family lives along the shore.  We have home-educated our children from the start and are blessed to be a part of a strong organization of lovely Christian families that wanted to become a school.  Our eldest daughter is 19 and is currently a junior in college, while our youngest son just started 4th grade this fall.  So, we probably have a taste of what your daily life is like as a home-educator. 
I just want to take a brief minute to give all the glory to God for always making our path straight.  Our Christian Academy is just one more example of how God has shown us the "way to go" each step of the way. 
For some personal background: 
The past ten years I have been an organizer of a local homeschool support group of over 150 families.  I own a website dedicated to teaching families how to earn college credits during high school
Six years ago we started a statewide organization for homeschool sports, providing a network of teams throughout the state for competitions.  More recently I began writing articles for various homeschool magazines, providing encouragement for homeschool leaders.  Then seven years ago I began a learning cooperative for home-educated families, which formed into a private Christian Academy.  It is from this last experience that the information on these pages developed.  
I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy sharing the knowledge God's given along the way with others who are sharing the same journey.  It brings me even greater pleasure to be able to do this for FREE!  It's just a joy to meet like-minded people from across the globe and support each other with our God given talents and gifts. 
Creating websites makes this process of sharing even simpler.  Some of you may have been visitors to my website concerning earning college credits while still in high school
Other web creations can be found on the LINKS page.  When God blesses and guides you through your challenges it just makes you want to help others who are interested in traveling the same road.  
If you have any questions as you read through this information, please contact me via email at 
I also look forward to hearing if this information has been a help to you and your organization.  Non profit status may not be what your particular group needs but if you do get some help here, please drop us a line and let us know. 
Warmest blessings,
Tricia McQ