Forming Your Learning Cooperative into a Non-Profit Private School for Home Educators

Step 1 - First Steps, Tools & EIN Number
Step 2 - Creating Your Bylaws & Articles of Incorporation
Step 3 - Incorporating Your Group
Step 4 - Joining a Professional Education Association
Step 5 - Forms that Demonstrate Your Educational Purpose & Structure
Step 6 - Completing the Non-Profit Application
Step 7 - Obtaining State Corporate Income Tax Exemption
Step 8 - Applying for Sales Tax Exemption
Step 9 - Official Papers of the First Meeting of the Board
Step 10 - Optional Accreditation & Meeting State Requirements
Programs Available to Non-Profits
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About me

Is your group a non-profit organization?  What are the benefits for a group that becomes a non-profit?  What type of non-profit status would be beneficial for your group?


Five years ago I completed a process of turning our learning cooperative into a private Christian Academy for home-educated students.  This road had many twists and turns but the end result was well worth the effort!  With just a little additional yearly record keeping, we now have the status of "private school" and this has opened many doors for our families.  How would you like to be able to issue accredited diplomas, get donations from major stores, be able to "write off" portions of your coop expenses, etc.??? 


On this site I have compiled information about the step-by-step process of turning your learning cooperative into a non-profit organization.  Also included are references and links that will help you in the journey.


I am available to field any questions that support group leaders may have and will do my best to answer them for you quickly and thoroughly.  Please let me know of your own experiences in establishing your organizations business status so I can share these with others.


Now, onto the exchange of information and ideas!  Enjoy!



Tricia McQ



The information on this webpage is NOT intended to be a substitute for professional legal advice.  I am NOT an attorney OR an IRS specialist.  Additionally, laws and procedures change frequently, varying from state to state, so you may receive additional requests from the IRS for which I am not familiar.  There are many fine lawyers who are specialists in IRS law and who may, for a fee, be able to complete this process for your association.  This website is for those who are attempting to navigate this sea on their own and need a little help and encouragement.~

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